American Natural

Relax & Stay Awhile

Our store provides you a welcoming seating destination for every occasion. Our space is a mash-up of coffeehouse comfort and modern convenience with high ceiling, flexible dining and free wifi. Our guests enjoy the environment as an everyday eating, snacking and coffee hangout — from family gatherings, a work/play alone or a place to stop and relax between busy work and home activities. We’ve hosted a crochet club, a mah jong team, book clubs, study groups and even larger events like Treesdale Live’s Monthly Mixer. No reservations necessary to use our space. 

Any questions? Just call us at: 724-990-0157.

We love our local community. That’s why we designed our clean, modern Eatery cafes with you in mind. Let us be your third place, where you can take a break from the routine of home to work and back again. Come relax, grab a latte, and enjoy our free Wifi (and clean bathrooms). Perfect for working remotely, too!

Why not have your next meeting or social gathering here?


“I love this place! American Natural is my go-to place for healthy food and snacks. I spend my time there hosting meetings or making calls because I enjoy the environment. All the staff is always so kind to me and the food is delicious. It is also a great place to host an event for a local club or get together. American Natural goes above and beyond for their customers, and they are a great asset to the community.”

Dina Russo – Treesdale Life

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